Taking Dogs Personality into Account

When solving problems that involve your pup, it’s important to factor in your dogs personality and any environmental impacts.

All dogs are different – and taking those differences into account is one of the things pranaDOGS does best. We provide private training on all Core Competencies but unlike other trainers, we gear our training based on your dogs individual needs and your lifestyle.

Different Dog Personalities

Shy, reserved and fearful dogs, or dogs who didn’t receive positive socialization can often require a softer touch when training. Building trust, improving self-confidence and holding the space for these guys is key to positive training experiences and helping the dog become more balanced.

On the other end of the spectrum are the dogs who are full of energy, react to every sound or movement and who are often called high-spirited or high-strung. These dogs can be very frustrating to train and often require a calm, cool presence to help them learn and settle into training mode.

Don’t let your relationship with your pet suffer. Many people deal with problem issues that can be resolved or managed with some basic guidance.

What type of dog do you have?

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