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Whether you are after a Service dog, Therapy dog or Emotional Support dog, any working dog needs 3 components to function and serve the needs you have, successfully.

At pranaDOGS we foster and train homeless dogs to work as psychiatric service dogs specifically to assist people through post traumatic stress disorder. Dogs are chosen based on their behavior, age and ability to preform the necessary tasks.

Once chosen, each dog is fostered in a home setting and initially trained in Basic then Advanced manners. Behaviors are practiced in different areas, public and private settings and with different environmental distractions. As the dogs practice and hone their skills, they are taught to preform four specific tasks:

  • Grounding
  • Stopping Compulsive Disorders
  • Medication Reminders
  • Calling for Help

Once trained, dogs are paired and adopted to an individual suffering with a ptsd disability. Training continues after adoption with two months of ongoing training for both adopter and dog.

pranaDOGS Service Dogs

pranaDOGS Service DogspranaDOGS Service Dogs




Available Dogs


2yr old
Boxer/Pointer mix (best guess)

Terrific dog who wants someone who really wants a best friend. A natural at grounding, this guy wants love more than treats. Originally from Gallup, NM, Gordie knows how to ground, retrieve and stop compulsive behaviors. He has hundred of hours in different environment settings. Adoption includes 2 months of post-adoption training. More information can be found on the application.