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Advanced Manners BEFORE Service Dog practice….please

It seems like so many of our ‘dog issues’ we’re currently experiencing with untrained and unprepared Service Dogs could be alleviated by ensuring dogs have perfected their Advanced Manners before expecting them to do well in challenging settings.

pranaDOGS Service Dogs

Everyday at the Humane Society someone says they want to adopt a dog to be a Service Dog. That’s terrific for both the person and the dog….as long as both are equipped for the job….

The person – needs to have a prescription from a doctor stating that they need a Service Dog; they also need to be able to handle the dog or have a third-party who can handle him or her.

The dog – needs to behave 100% of the time while in public; they need to ignore everything except what affects their person; and they need to perform tasks for their disabled person.

Note: If your dog needs an emotional support dog of their own…chances are they are NOT a good candidate for this type of work. Consider instead, building their confidence and comfort levels in a variety of environments in a safe and protected manner.

At pranaDOGS, we believe in three-tiered training; Basic & Advanced Manners, Task Training and Environment Proofing. Each area is critical if the dog is going to succeed in this grueling and often difficult work.

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