Welcome to pranaDOGS

pranaDOGS is a la plata county based Canine Coaching company specializing in helping dogs and their people communicate better. Founded by Trainer/Owner Marcy Eckhardt CPDT-KA, pranaDOGS provides one on one training, group classes and workshops, educational materials and solutions to common behavior problems. Specializing in building dog’s confidence, lowering reactivity and empowering dog owners, Marcy has worked with dogs for more than two decades. She is also an avid writer. Her first book, The Ripple Effect is a story of what’s it’s like to work in a humane society, she also writes the blog Dogs Rock! Marcy splits her time between La Plata County Humane Society and private practice.

Problem Solving

Problem behavior can cause stress and unrest in the household. Let us help! We’ll meet with you and your pup, determine a Training Plan and get you started on solving those difficult behaviors in no time

Solving Dog Issues