Top 10 behaviors dogs need to know

Top 10 Behaviors Dogs Need to Know

Wondering what your dog needs to know to get by? pranaDOGS Top 10 Behaviors are what we train before passing our dogs through the Canine Good Citizen Test and evaluating them for Service Dog work.

Top Ten Behaviors Dogs need to Know

Remember training the dog what the word or cue means is only step 1 in the training process. Once they understand what the cue means it’s then up to you to generalize (or practice) it in different areas, different time periods, with different people around, in different weather conditions etc. Add one new thing each time; first work leave it at home, then in public then with amazing smells around then in the wind, etc; then do two at once, practice leave it in public at the local bakery or in a warehouse store on a Saturday afternoon.

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