Core Competencies

After years of studying dogs and humans with their dogs, we’ve determined there is a handful of basic criteria that dogs need to know to be well-balanced and able to adjust quickly to what life brings. By focusing on communication building, pranaDOGS provides classes and private lessons on the Core Competencies and beyond.


Dog Core CompetenciesRapid Recall (Coming when Called)

This critical cue can be the difference between off and on leash walks, where you walk and the quality of your walks. In this training we strive for a happy, rapid recall through different situations up to 25′.

Dog Reactivity

Want to get your dog out more but embarrassed at how he acts? Dog’s reacting to other dogs is a common problem and one that can cause a lot of frustration in your relationship, but there are solutions. In this training we practice those solutions in different settings and with different dogs present.

Leash Manners

Sick of getting dragged down the street or ignored by your dog anytime you snap on the leash? Leash Manners training provides tips and tricks and plenty of practice so you can have a successful, stress free walks with your best friend.

All Core Competency Training includes 4-6 sessions with Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Marcy Eckhardt, who performs the training then works with the two of you to ensure successful transference. Each Core Competency Training module is $325

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