I can! or I can’t!

From time to time, I find myself surrounded by I can’t! people. I can’t get ahead. I can’t do anything about it. I can’t train my dog. Often this is disguised in an exasperated, “I’ve tried everything!” This is such a dangerous mindset because the very thought seems to make it come true. When in fact every day, people with a lot less resources than us have figured out a way to do the things we struggle with. They say that your income is an average of the 5 people you’re closest to. If this is true, then doesn’t it also make sense that your attitude would be the same? Take a second to observe your work, home or the people you spend your time with and notice if they’re I can! or I can’t! people….than take a second to notice yourself – honestly. I fall into the rut like […]

Puppy Pacifiers

DIY Enrichment Ideas

Puppy Pacifiers Have a new pup? Or a highly energetic dog? If so, try the following homemade puppy pacifiers to engage them in a short activity on their own. DIY ideas: Frozen buckets – pick up a small bucket (the kind kids use for sand is perfect but any size will do) add inside some dog food, a hard bone, a rope toy, some treats, whatever you’re comfortable feeding or giving your pup. (I typically put a few ice cubes so it freezes fast as well) then add water and put in the freezer overnight. Bring it up a notch: Add a leash to the mixture before it freezes (be sure half of it is extended out of the bucket) then hang it from something in your yard to give them a tether ball or piñata type treat. Toilet paper rolls – paper towel rolls – pizza boxes – often […]

Fundamentals Classes

We have classes the next two Saturdays in May! 11am for new comers and 1pm for everyone else This is a great way to practice your pup’s leash and basic manners and improve the communication between the two of you!

Fundamentals Classes

Practice Together

Do you walk with other dogs?? If so, be sure to practice basic behaviors together….by practicing behaviors with other dogs and in unique places, your dog will quickly generalize the behavior and be able to do it in any setting.

Perfect Response to Surprise

This is a great response from little Murtagh. He’s a big boy, but young (just cutting adult teeth) – this is exactly what we want to see when a young dog gets surprised 🙂 (he’s got the best ears!!)

Dogs and Cats

Changing a Dogs Association

I realized recently as I was working with a dog, that I use a similar method when teaching dogs to be okay with cats in their space as I do for cutting their nails: Association. For example, Kele my wonderful girl, tolerates cats. She hasn’t had a choice since they were in the house before she was, but she has her limits. Ever since it’s been her and me in bed together, she’s taken it upon herself to rid the bed of any cats. This is quite upsetting in my household. My cats, already taking second fiddle to the dogs in so many ways, use bedtime as their time to snuggle with mom. So Kele has gone to night guard duty….right next to my ear. I can’t blame her. Kele spent her first year on the streets of the Navajo Nation where she begged for food from any stranger who […]

Setting Boundaries with Dogs

I was in a business not long ago and brought one of my dogs in. She was on a leash, even though she didn’t need it, and happily and politely went up and said hi to everyone who approached her. As I was leaving, a young guy walked in with a puppy. “Here!” he holler, the puppy was trying to smell my girls butt. The puppy wasn’t on a leash and pushed his way through everything and anything. The man followed hollering, changing the entire experience – I remember thinking we couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Yesterday I saw they had posted a No Dogs (except trained service dogs) sign on the door. Great! Thanks for that buddy. How often is it that one or two people ruin it for the rest of us? And other than his laziness about putting a leash on his dog he also […]