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Welcome to pranaDOGS!

Dogs Rock! to us here at pranaDOGS so we work to ensure you feel the same way. Whether you’re hoping to teach your new dog basic manners or trying to stop your dog from attaching the UPS driver, we can help! We train people with their dogs through: Group Classes in Basic Manners, Advanced Manners and Service Dog Training One-on-one Problem Solving in your home One-on-one Training for individuals training their dogs to be Service Dogs We train dogs directly by: Fostering, Training and Adopting Psychiatric Service Dogs Board and Train at pranaDOGS (esp. puppy training, cat-reactivity, post-traumatic issues) Trainer at La Plata County Humane Society in Durango, CO      

I can! or I can’t!

From time to time, I find myself surrounded by I can’t! people. I can’t get ahead. I can’t do anything about it. I can’t train my dog. Often this is disguised in an exasperated, “I’ve tried everything!” This is such a dangerous mindset because the very thought seems to make it come true. When in fact every day, people with a lot less resources than us have figured out a way to do the things we struggle with. They say that your income is an average of the 5 people you’re closest to. If this is true, then doesn’t it also make sense that your attitude would be the same? Take a second to observe your work, home or the people you spend your time with and notice if they’re I can! or I can’t! people….than take a second to notice yourself – honestly. I fall into the rut like […]

The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect

Providing a rare and candid look into American Animal Shelters, The Ripple Effect is a novel exploring the challenges and triumphs of humane society work. At a small Humane Society in Southwest Colorado, Shelter Director Shane Hillard’s world is turned upside down when a self-righteous volunteer is appointed to run the organization’s change to no-kill. As the Director struggles to understand the new philosophy, daily challenges threaten to rip apart the important work already accomplished. Compounding matters further, the number of animals needing PHS’s help reaches, then exceeds the organization’s capacity. But, it’s not until the reputation of all dogs is challenged that Shane must stand up for what she truly believes in. Providing a rare and candid look into American Animal Shelters, The Ripple Effect explores the no-kill debate, veterinary conflicts, the impacts of nationwide population imbalances, and other sensitive topics. Inspiring and revealing, The Ripple Effect weaves together […]

Welcome to pranaDOGS

pranaDOGS is a la plata county based Canine Coaching company specializing in helping dogs and their people communicate better. Founded by Trainer/Owner Marcy Eckhardt CPDT-KA, pranaDOGS provides one on one training, group classes and workshops, educational materials and solutions to common behavior problems. Specializing in building dog’s confidence, lowering reactivity and empowering dog owners, Marcy has worked with dogs for more than two decades. She is also an avid writer. Her first book, The Ripple Effect is a story of what’s it’s like to work in a humane society, she also writes the blog Dogs Rock! Marcy splits her time between La Plata County Humane Society and private practice.

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Solving Dog Issues

Problem Solving

Problem behavior can cause stress and unrest in the household. Let us help! We’ll meet with you and your pup, determine a Training Plan and get you started on solving those difficult behaviors in no time

The Law of Attraction in Dog Training

The Law of Attraction according to Louise Hay “is that our thinking creates and brings to us whatever we think about.” Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret adds that we must not just think about it but feel it – and act on it for it to come to fruition. Obviously this theory is nothing new. A centuries old proverb talks about a man going to a village and asking an elder “what kind of people live in this village?” The elder answers him by asking, “what kind of people lived in your last village?” “Oh they were nasty people, known for stealing and cheating.” The elder nodded, “well that’s what you’ll find in this village as well.” We find what we are focused on. So how often have you focused on your dog doing something right? As a dog trainer and a student of canine behavior I am often […]

Little Louie


pranaDOGS is at La Plata County Humane Society 4-5 days a week to work with the dogs while they’re between homes. Louie, one of my favorites, is pictured here. Louie has a bit of an attitude…he really does best with only one person at a time….but he’s a wonderful, loving guy who covers me with kisses every time I see him. If you know someone who’s looking for a terrific companion, please consider Little Louie. He may only be 10 pounds but he’s all heart and spunk…and he LOVES cats!

Trail Update – Horse Gulch

Got a chance to walk Horse Gulch yesterday….obviously the key these days is to hike on trail systems in the early morning/evening to avoid the mud, and I definitely recommend that for Horse Gulch. Though I started late, 9am I was able to do the Meadow Loop much of the way before the sun started to set in and make things goopy. Luckily there’s enough ice/snow packed down that you can easily get off the mud…but beware, it’s crunchy hard-to-walk in stuff….on the up side….we saw only three people on the access trail….no one in the meadow with us….what a rare treat 🙂