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No classes July 1st

Hey folks the humane society has been taken over by pet food donations and supplies. Better if we postpone classes until next week so your dogs will have a chance to concentrate on class (and not all the goodies being donated LOL!) See you next Saturday 11am for Level 1 – New Students and puppies 9am or 1pm for Level 2 Students  

Fundamentals Classes

Fundamentals Classes

We have classes the next two Saturdays in May! 11am for new comers and 1pm for everyone else This is a great way to practice your pup’s leash and basic manners and improve the communication between the two of you!

Perfect Response to Surprise

This is a great response from little Murtagh. He’s a big boy, but young (just cutting adult teeth) – this is exactly what we want to see when a young dog gets surprised 🙂 (he’s got the best ears!!)


Simon Says….Adopt me Please!

Hey everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Simon. Simon’s been staying at LPCHS since early January. His mom was heartbroken to give him up but she wasn’t able to find housing she could afford, that would accept dogs. I brought Simon home over the weekend to evaluate him. Although it’s been a couple of months, he hasn’t really bonded with anyone in the shelter and he hardly makes connections with people when they bring him out….so I wanted a few days to figure him out. What a treat! Simon is one of those awesome, independent, strong, smart dogs who is looking more for a partner than a leader. It took him 24 hours to settle in but once he did he began playing and investigating everything. The washer machine stole his attention for minutes as his head tilted from side to side with the whooshing water. The only time […]

Leash Manners Class

Classes are Back

This week kicks off our spring class schedule: Dog Reactivity Class Thursday’s 5pm Leash Manners Class Saturday’s 3pm Basic Manners Classes Saturday’s at 11am and 1pm All pranaDOGS class are small to provide one-on-one time with the instructor as well as adequate practice time.

How many dogs do you have – Really?

Having more than one dog can be a challenge. For starters it’s tougher to take them to parties the way you used to! But of course, it’s so much more than that. Each dog is an individual, with individual needs, skills, filters and responses.  Each is trying to get through every day without an issue, and ideally with some fun, or one-on-one time with their favorite person – sound familiar?? But we tend to group our dogs as one. Treating the pack as if it’s one unit rather than made up of separate identities. Sometimes this can be beneficial, but often it overlooks the individual needs of the different dogs. If you have a pack of three, you actually have four     Each dog brings something to the table; each dog has different responses and behaviors that may or may not require your attention. But the pack acts differently. […]