Blue or Shut down Dogs

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Sid Update

I realized recently that it’s been a bit since I’ve given you an update on shy, little Sid. If you remember, Sid was surrendered to the La Plata County Humane Society last fall and was quickly adopted. After a month with a very kind family, they returned him because he refused to engage with them, at all. I brought him here to evaluate him, after 2 weeks I went back to the humane society with a less than stellar report. Quality of life for this guy is tough to determine. Has no desire to connect with people shows little to no emotion except fear, the only thing that he seems comfortable with is dogs. But even with them in the mix he’s still terrified of us humans.  That day I came home and he had gotten out the cat’s window. I told the humane society if they didn’t mind if […]

Sid teasing Zoe

Sid the ever evolving dog….

As many of you know, I began fostering Sid last fall for La Plata County Humane Society (LPCHS). He had originally been transferred into the shelter from a local organization and adopted quickly. But after a month, the couple didn’t see any changes in his shut-down behavior and returned him. At that time, I took him home to evaluate his quality of life. After two weeks of living with me he jumped through the cat window and began doing things ‘on his own.’ I reported back to the shelter that I didn’t believe he was an adoption candidate. His severely shut-down behavior and complete fear around humans made people pity him, but in no way want to take him on. Once he jumped out the window, I told the shelter that he could stay living with me in a long-term foster situation as long as they were okay that I […]