Blue or Shut down Dogs

Sid the ever evolving dog….

As many of you know, I began fostering Sid last fall for La Plata County Humane Society (LPCHS). He had originally been transferred into the shelter from a local organization and adopted quickly. But after a month, the couple didn’t see any changes in his shut-down behavior and returned him. At that time, I took him home to evaluate his quality of life. After two weeks of living with me he jumped through the cat window and began doing things ‘on his own.’ I reported back to the shelter that I didn’t believe he was an adoption candidate. His severely shut-down behavior and complete fear around humans made people pity him, but in no way want to take him on. Once he jumped out the window, I told the shelter that he could stay living with me in a long-term foster situation as long as they were okay that I […]

Sid teasing Zoe