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Setting Boundaries with Dogs

I was in a business not long ago and brought one of my dogs in. She was on a leash, even though she didn’t need it, and happily and politely went up and said hi to everyone who approached her. As I was leaving, a young guy walked in with a puppy. “Here!” he holler, the puppy was trying to smell my girls butt. The puppy wasn’t on a leash and pushed his way through everything and anything. The man followed hollering, changing the entire experience – I remember thinking we couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Yesterday I saw they had posted a No Dogs (except trained service dogs) sign on the door. Great! Thanks for that buddy. How often is it that one or two people ruin it for the rest of us? And other than his laziness about putting a leash on his dog he also […]

pranaDOGS Ranch

Last year I had the opportunity to purchase 20 acres of land outside of Durango, Colorado. The land was perfect, virtually at the end of a dead-end road, amazing views of the La Plata’s, Needles and even HD mountain ranges and a dog’s paradise. Not only are there acres of open land on the property, but we also have lots of sage (perfect for rabbits), boulders and a nice wooded area. The property is pretty green, in that its completely open aside from one structure. The plan is to fence in large portions and eventually the entire 20 acres. This will provide open spaces for dogs to run and train in. One of our biggest challenges is giving our dogs real life scenarios to practice in – here we’ll have the opportunity to do just that. As I write and photograph going forward it will be from the pranaDOGS ranch […]