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Cats only

Cat’s Only

Still a work in progress, but it looks like Gunny is taking to the new cats-only thoroughfare to their own yard


Colorado Law hopes to differentiate Partner Dogs

As of January 1st, it is now a misdemeanor to put a service vest on a dog who is not service dog trained. But what is a service dog? Technically there are three types of Partner Dogs – dogs who fulfill a need for their owners: Service Dogs – These dogs are the most trained – and most respected. Nationally certified, these dogs are trained for months and often years and must provide at least three (3) specific tasks for their human. This category includes dogs helping individuals who are blind, suffer seizures, have severe allergies, and so many other amazingly important tasks. Therapy Dogs – Rather than providing for their owners or guardians, these dogs provide for others; at hospitals, senior centers, and now airports, trauma centers, and an amazing variety of other places. Emotional Support Dogs – This is the newest category of service dogs and technically the […]

Durango Dog Park

I try to keep a neutral view of our dog park. There’s a lot of rumors about the amount of harmful minerals in the soil (why else is it a dog park and not a high end condo complex?) and of course we have the wonderful rattlesnake issue every summer, but we also have a huge area for our dogs to run in, bordered on one side by a river and on the other by a mountain – we have the option of walking our dogs through a ½ mile long path which follows the river, or parking close to the double-gated entry…compared to many other parks, it’s got a lot going for it. Recently, I’ve been meeting a number of clients at the dog park and have had the opportunity to watch situations occurring there that are not consistent with good dog behavior or behavior we want to reinforce […]