What we do

Cross training Shelter and Rescue Dogs

How we Solve Problems and Train Dogs…

Identify both the Issues & your Dogs Personality

If you’ve gotten to the point that you’re researching dog trainers, chances are the relationship with you and your pup is suffering. When considering what’s wrong, be sure to factor in your dogs personality, past trauma’s and the environment.

Fix problems

Often problem behavior is a product of a bored or untrained dog, other times it’s because of behavior in the pack, lack of leadership or a hundred other things….but the good news is, many if not practically all basic problems can be fixed with focused attention on your dog, a training plan with his/her personality taken into account and some effort on both your parts.


We believe there are 10 behaviors all dogs need to know. With these behaviors, dogs are equipped to handle the experience life and unpredictable humans throw at them.


A small percentage of dogs are able to be cross-trained as Service and Working Dogs. These dogs are solid, confident, able to ignore everything in the environment and focus completely on their human. Their impulse control has to be 100% at all times!