Levels Training

Levels Dog Training is an Open-Enrollment Program set-up to help accommodate different schedules and allow individuals to progress at their own pace.

Typical dog training classes run 4 weeks and introduce new material each week. If you miss a class or don’t practice the homework, you fall behind quickly. Levels Dog Training is different in that you set the pace and decide how quickly you move ahead.

We run the same classes every week at the same time, this way if you miss a week, you just return the following week and work on the materials. Each class provides plenty of opportunities for you and your pup whether you’re just starting out or more advanced. Levels training will make you love dog training classes all over again!

Level 1Level 1

  • Everyone begins here
  • Level 1 covers all the basic must-knows to excel in your relationship with your best friend
  • Each dog/owner must attend at least 2 level 1 sessions

Level 2

Level 2

  • Level 2 expands on the basic’s and adds the more difficult behaviors
  • Each dog/owner must attend at least 2 level 2 sessions
  • This is the session many people come back to after taking a few months off!

Level 3Level 3

  • Level 3 allows individuals to expand on all the basic behaviors by practicing with Distance, Distraction and Duration
  • Individuals often stay in Level 3 while advancing the dog’s skills


Foundational Manners

pranaDOGS Basic and Advanced Manners courses cover all needed foundational manners, including: how to teach and communicate successfully with dogs. It also includes the six basic cue’s every dog needs to know; Sit, Down, Stay, Go, Come, and With me (heel), These foundational manners provide a solid foundation for dogs weather they’re 6 months or 6 years old.

Have a new puppy? Or perhaps you’re struggling with some problem behavior or just hoping to improve your relationship with your best friend? Than this class is for you. In the six weeks we cover choice-based training and communicating with your dog including basic distraction activities, the need for body language and hand and verbal signals. First class always free, after that classes are $120 for 6 weeks or $25/visit

Foundational Manners are covered in our Basic and Advanced Manners Level 1 and Level 2 Classes

Dog Core Competencies

Rapid Recall, Dog Reactivity and Leash Manners are offered in two formats:

  • through free workshops at LPCHS where you can learn the tools to perfect these behaviors More information
  • Or you can enroll in our Core Competency Training where Marcy works with your dog one-on-one, at your home More information

Leash Manners Class