Training Formats

pranaDOGS offers Manners Training through Group Classes and Private Instruction

Group classes

These small classes (typically 6 dogs) provide you with an opportunity to practice behaviors with your dog while other dogs are present.

pranaDOGS Manners classes are set up as drop-in classes that you can come to anytime your schedule permits….or your dogs behavior demands it.

New pup’s typically spend 2 weeks in Level 1 then progress to Level 2 for 4 weeks; any pranaDOGS alumni can come to Level 2 classes at anytime

Level 1 covers associations; sit; down; hand signals and release words
Level 2 takes what we learned in Level 1 and incorporates it with additional behaviors such as heel, leave it, drop it, stay, and come. All classes are held in the La Plata County Humane Societies multi-purpose room on Saturday’s.

11am for Level 1 (beginners)                 1pm for Level 2 (advanced)

Stop in any Saturday to check out classes      First class always Free!

2017 Fall Schedule

No Classes: Saturday October 21st & 28th, November 18th & 25th and December 23rd & 30th

Private Training

Private training offers the same training as group classes but it provides it one-on-one with your pup. This is terrific if you’ve got more than one dog that needs training, if you cannot make the scheduled classes or if you’d like to involve the entire family.

Foundational Manners

pranaDOGS Foundational Manners course covers how to teach and communicate successfully with dogs. Focused on the six basic cue’s every dog needs to know; Sit, Down, Stay, Go, Come, and With me (heel), Foundational Manners provides a solid foundation for dogs weather they’re 6 months or 6 years old.

Have a new puppy? Or perhaps you’re struggling with some problem behavior or just hoping to improve your relationship with your best friend? Than this class is for you. In the six weeks we cover choice-based training and communicating with your dog including basic distraction activities, the need for body language and hand and verbal signals

Class can be paid for by cash or check onsite. $25/class or 6 classes for $120


Dog Core Competencies

Basic and Advanced Manners are part of our Foundational Manners Class

Rapid Recall, Dog Reactivity and Leash Manners are offered in two formats:

  • through a free workshop at LPCHS where you can learn the tools Marcy uses when working with these dogs. More information
  • Or you can enroll in our Core Competency Training where Marcy works with your dog directly to solidify these behaviors. More information

Private Instruction information

Class Materials

Welcome to Class

Basic Manners Level 1

Basic Manners Level 2

Basic Distraction Exercises

Food Ideas for Kongs and stuffable toys and bones

APDT – Why Trainers use food in Training

APDT – Different Training Methods