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pepper and gunny

Cat Reactivity

Pepper is cat reactive. If she’s behind a baby gate or in the yard she lays, watches and whines while they do their thing. If she’s in the house with them, they are her entire focus; she tracks them constantly. Not something the cats enjoy….as you can imagine. Pepper is a foster dog, I’m training to be a a psychiatric service dog. Unfortunately, reactivity of any kind cannot be a part of a service dogs life, so if I cannot break her of this, she may have to go back to the shelter. Today we had a good cat morning! Gunny (orange maincoon) was laying in front of the baby gate when I let Pepper out, she circled him softly. He got up and walked to another area and that’s when I was able to take this picture. After this he jumped onto a table and she didn’t move a […]

martingale collar

Learn from my mistakes…

Ahhh, the awareness in hindsight! Last Thursday I was explaining to a new social hour employee to never put her hands between two dogs. It’s such a natural thing for us to do, reach in, separate, grab or otherwise manage a situation. But of course when you’re dealing with dogs, it’s not safe. Flashforward to Saturday afternoon…. A beautiful Durango day, the humane society and thrift store were a buzz with people adopting, looking and shopping and of course walking their own and humane society dogs. I too was working with a shelter dog and now with 24 hours to contemplate the experience these are the things I did wrong: I had a known dog-reactive dog in a congested area on a busy day and I got caught up in a conversation Once he had seen one dog and successfully walked away from her, I should have immediately ended on […]

Great Dog Play

Here’s a great example of good dog play. You’ll see both dogs on the ground at different times and some great play bows. Note: Strider (the smaller of the two) was a strong-willed dog who used to aggress toward anything unknown or scary. His parents have spent tons of time working with him and gotten him through most of his fear-reactivity….it helps to have good playmates who forgive him when he’s less then graceful LOL!