Behavior and Rehab Center

pranaDOGS Behavior and Rehab Center is a 20-acre dog paradise. Here we help dogs improve their coping mechanisms, get rid of bad behaviors and turn into great, polite members of society. We foster dogs from La Plata County Humane Society in Durango, Colorado as well as thru numerous rescue and non-profits located throughout the four-corners region.

We’re planning a 3-phase process to complete the Rehab Center:

  • In Phase I we found and secured a beautiful 20-acre property outside of Durango, Colorado (2016)
  • In Phase II we’re fencing in the 20-acres, building our first Puppy Bunkhouse and going non-profit (2018)
  • In Phase III we’re building a training barn and large Puppy Bunk and Boarding house (estimated for 2020)

Along with providing training and problem solving to individuals, pranaDOGS spends a great deal of time working with shelter and rescue dogs; both before and after adoption. Many of these dogs foster at pranaDOGS where they receive one-on-one attention, coping mechanisms and skills to succeed in their forever homes. Currently we foster approx 20 dogs a year. By going non-profit, we are able to focus our Individualized Training on even more Shelter and Rescue Dogs and ensure each of them succeeds once they’re adopted into their forever homes.

pranaDOGS Canine Behavior & Rehab Center